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特性: Low relaxation, High Tensile Strength, Straight, HDPE coated
1) 结构: 7 wire
2) 芯线执行标准: ASTMA416, GB/T5224, BS5896, ISO6934...

3) 包装:
Inner Diameter: 760mm
Outside Diameter:1400mm-1500mm
Coil’s width: 760mm
Coil’s Weight: 2500~3500 kg
We use vapors corrosion inhibiting technology on export anti-rust packing. Out side of the coil has 3 wraps. There are two wooden pallets on the bottom of the coil. The coil is eye to sky in the container.
4) 订单所需信息: Diameter of core strand, Number of wire, Tensile Strength,, Quantity and Standard of core strand.
5) 原材料: We have stable wire rod suppliers such as Shougang Group, Xingtai Iron company, Tianjin Iron company. There are thousand of wire rod in our warehouse to ensure production.
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